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Thanks to advances in wireless connectivity and camera sensors, interior security cameras are more and more affordable for those with a small budget. Better still, many budget cameras have a small form factor to keep them out of the way from prying, unwanted eyes that may enter into your home. The EZVIZ Mini O combines a quality 720p with two-way talk feature all for a very low price.

“Crash and smash” protection ensures that your system is fool-proof. It sends a signal the moment a door or window opens. Even if the control panel gets smashed, the monitoring center has been notified. Unless someone deactivates the alarm, they will call you and/or the cops for you.

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I’ve been a LiveWatch customer for a couple of years. Not impressed. Panel is slow. Have had several false alarms. Several false ‘device tampered with’ alerts. Selection of components is limited – and you have to use their app, not much flexibility. And video is so choppy! From Alarm.com FAQ:

“These companies are using their new DIY security systems as a beachhead for their other smart home products,” says Mark Allwood, a CR market analyst. “If you buy a Nest security system, you might be compelled to buy a Nest thermostat.” 

Naturally SimpliSafe released it’s new hardware pretty much the same day this was published, looks like a very competitive update to their offerings. I’m a big fan of their classic hardware and have been a happy customer the last 2 years. Don’t know if it’s worth upgrading equipment, but it’s a nice perk for new customers assuming the quality of the new system is as high or higher than the classic hardware.

Alarm Force can be a good value for those that have a smaller residence or don’t have much extra money to spend. Free installation and low monthly monitoring charges can bring peace of mind to those on a tight budget. The Video Relay system is a nice feature but only if you already have a Smart Phone and are willing to pay the extra costs associated with the product. Overall, we liked the customer history at Alarm Force and feel it’s a decent option for the right customer.

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Monitronics is a Dallas based home security company that started in 1994 and currently serves approximately 700,000 customers. This is another home security company that utilizes local dealers to distribute their product. If you want to learn more about Monitronics the website is not the place to go. Detailed and transparent information is not available on the website and is only provided by a salesman once they’ve assessed the security needs of your residence.

Since the home security equipment cost, monitoring fees, and contract length can all be set by their individual authorized dealers, it’s impossible to compare with other home security companies. You’re on your own to find a dealer that can offer you the best price or one that will negotiate with you. You just won’t find transparent pricing or guidelines on their website.

24/7 monitoring costs $29/month and is provided from a nationwide control center. Customers have made glowing comments on the responsiveness and professionalism of the monitoring representatives, even during the initial setup and testing process.

The Nest has good specs but it’s basically a weatherproofed indoor camera. It has two major flaws not specified in the article. First, this ‘security’ camera is attached with a magnet for heavens sake, you can knock it off with a stick. Second the temperature specs are also ‘indoor’, maxing at 104F, making it useless in Arizona and many parts of NM and TX.

Ring is now shipping the Ring Floodlight Cam for $250. Powered by your home’s existing floodlight wiring, the Ring Floodlight Cam features a 1080p resolution, cloud recording, a 110-decibel siren, 270-degree motion detection, smart LED lights, and IR (night vision). At the end of July, the company added the Spotlight Cam, which is available in hardwired, battery, and solar versions. All three promise 1080p images, a 140-degree field of view, two-way audio, and LED-powered lights that illuminate when motion is detected or on a schedule. We expect to test this one very soon.

Cheaper long term costs: Since you’re not paying a monthly service fee, the only money you’ll have to put out is for the security equipment itself. It also means that you own the equipment, so you won’t have to deal with contracts or the hassle of changing your address.

The Golden Security bundle package comes with an impressive amount of equipment which made us really dig deep into this system to see if it was of quality. The outdoor siren is not legal in most cities or states and the panel is outdated. The rest of the equipment has decent quality expect a few sensors would not work shortly after buying.

Like the Armcrest and Ezviz Husky, the Foscam FI9900P is a bullet camera with 1080p video, offering a limited 118-degree (diagonal) field of view and no audio capabilities. It does appear to have the option to add audio via audio in/out cables hanging off the camera. Speaking of which, the FI9900P has a lot of cables. Besides an AV cable, there’s a LAN cable, a “Reset button” cable, and the actual power cord. That’s a lot to cover up if you aren’t going to use any of it. The real kicker is that it doesn’t offer any free storage options, archiving just a list of dates and times when motion was detected. If you want to actually know what triggered those alerts, expect to pay for cloud storage. The seven-day plan costs $50 per year, with a 30-day peek priced at $130 annually. And if you want to test those options out, better have your credit card ready—a one-month trial peek will cost you a penny.

LiveWatch was founded in 2002 by a paramedic who understood the importance of fast communication and response times in emergency situations due to his first-hand experience. Today, the company has several innovative security options for consumers.

I have Nest Products, Thermostat (Awesome Product already paid for itself in savings) and two cameras mounted outside. ISSUE: Uses a lot of bandwidth for each camera and shuts off/loses connection often. I called them and they were very nice folks who connected me to an expert techie. This is when I was told of the bandwidth issue. My home is in the country and 5mbs is tops! each camera needs 2mbs so forget streaming movies or other devices. I lowered the resolution to minimum 360 and still have bandwidth issues. I bought an extender for my wifi( my house is 1200 sq ft) and the router is in the attic and 35′ away from farthest point. Awesome Cameras, Ingenious mounting but has freeking wires running outside house to electricity, unplug camera and house is yours! The Nest folks were very concerned and gave me a credit on next years subscription! To see live feed and talk or listen not both at a time you need a subscription of $100 a yr and $50 a year for the two cameras! I think they consulted Apple on how to squeeze money beyond the purchase as both never stop costing you for a clever popular product. Overall I like the Cameras in spite of drawbacks and cost but am looking for a better option at a better price. AND WIRELESS MEANS WIRELESS NOT SOME WIRES!!!!!

Now, for the not so good. Forbes recently reported that hackers with basic skills and equipment can remotely disarm SimpliSafe’s systems by stealing the user’s code from the panel. That sounds bad, but the odds of the hack resulting in a theft are rare. SimpliSafe spokesperson Melina Engel told Forbes notifies customer of disarm events, so customers would be alerted that something was amiss within minutes. Plus, customers can change passcodes anytime locally or remotely via the SimpliSafe webapp.

OK, Grant. Explain WHY a 5-10 second recording gap was left out of the review? For security, that makes Arlo useless. Also, why wasn’t the Blink camera reviewed? I live in Phoenix, and in recent 119 degree heat, it preformed perfectly. Also, it starts recording INSTANTLY, and the cloud storage is free. It just seems fishy that you guys “forgot” to mention a fatal flaw and then completely ignore a very popular competitor that actually works and is cheaper.

Only at Best Buy Defend your home from intruders with this SimpliSafe security system. Its wireless design provides reliable, multilayer protection and avoids interruptions from cut phone lines and power outages, and it connects to an app for remote operation. This SimpliSafe security system is easy to install and customizable to homes of any size for flexible use.

With a professionally monitored system, when a smoke or intrusion alarm is triggered, an agent will first try to reach you via the two-way control panel before calling your listed phone number. If you fail to respond the agent will call 911 to dispatch an emergency responder to your home. The nice thing about professionally installed systems is you don’t have to lift a finger; after you’ve placed your order a technician will come to your home, set everything up for you, and show you how the system works. It’s important to note that in some municipalities you may have to file for a permit to have a security system installed in your home.

I bought my system about a year ago because it can use a phone line where cellular calls cannot be made. (They have a phone line simulator that uses an internet connection to reach the central station.)

Low batteries in sensors can trigger false alarms, and so can sensors that have fallen off the wall due to worn out double-sided tape. To avoid a visit from the police—and a fine—it’s important that you test your sensors frequently to make sure they’re still reporting to the system the way they’re supposed to, and you should also give the devices a tug now and then to make sure they’re secure.

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