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I purchased the threaded outdoor mounts for all cameras. While it is only marginally more secure than the magnetic mount, it does look less easy to steal. If someone wants to steal the camera, they’re going to find a way.

You can see my post below on this issue. Very strange for such an authoratitive review site not to have mentioned that motion activated recordings only kick in about 5-10 seconds after the motion has started! Suspect it’s a battery powered issue. I went with fully wired Reolink and am very happy, but i suspect it’s less the data wire that’s the problem with arlo and the low power battery saving mode it goes into that takes a while to wake up from. But whatever the reason, it made the device absolutely useless for me. Perhaps if you have a really, really long drive, the Arlo might have started recording by the time someone gets to your front door!

The new Blink XT is working great for me. Half the price of the Arlo and no cloud storage charges! Only complaint is that the mobile app is the only way to view video. Making the videos accessible via the web would make it pretty much perfect.

This mini camera is lightweight, stealthy, and easily portable for convenient monitoring anywhere you need it. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors and offers password-protected live streaming to your mobile device along with a 1 year warranty.

P2P; Plug & Play, Support view the camera via P2P ID on the Phone App and PC Client CMS software directly. Network interface: RJ-45 10/100Mb, self-adaptable Ethernet slot. 2 x IP Camera (Screws includ…

This backup camera system is complete with a This backup camera system is complete with a crystal clear 7 in. digital TFT LCD color monitor with distance grid lines and mirror image capability a 3-channel multiplexer with automatic system switch a 130° Sharp CCD camera with 50 ft. infra-red night vision and all the wires connectors and …  More + Product Details Close

If you think this all sounds like a big investment, remember there can be multiple applications for your home surveillance system. In addition to security, outdoor cameras provide extra accountability. Expecting a package on a day and the delivery service claims they already came by? Now you have the video footage to prove otherwise. Plus, because they’re equipped with night vision, they’re also a great way to view any four-legged visitors who may only show up after dark. You’ll find that the more information you can have at your disposal, the more secure you’ll feel.

The $200 Zmodo Torch Pro (roughly £165 and AU$265, converted) is an outdoor security kit. The main piece of hardware is a camera hidden inside a color-changing outdoor LED with 720p HD live streaming. It’s an intriguing concept, but the light is huge and might not fit in any of your existing outside light fixtures. 

Once it’s up and running, the Toucan works much like the other cameras we tested. It offers 720p HD live streaming, two-way audio, and a 100dBa siren. When something more subtle is called for, you can choose from an array of stock phrases (like “Sorry, not interested!”) that play through the camera’s built-in speaker. Since the camera is powered via the light socket, you can also use the app to manually turn the light on and off, set a schedule to automatically toggle it, or set it to turn on when it detects motion.

Motion Detection: The Nest motion detection is good, but not great (much like everything Nest produces). The zones are great. However, it still detects motion from cats. However, the person detection feature means that we can ignore every other kind of motion alerts. However, you can’t turn off alerts from things that aren’t people. So it seems that even Nest doesn’t totally trust this feature.

Although it has a lot of flexibility in movement, the Nest Cam Outdoor does need a power source, so it must be placed within reach of an outlet. This can be a problem outside the house. That said, the power cord is quite lengthy. The camera comes with an outdoor-rated 25-foot adapter/power cable. It’s a lot of cable, but that’s a good thing if your preferred mounting location isn’t close to an outlet. Nest also includes clips to make the installation clean and more difficult to swipe off the side of a house.

Available in a choice of different configurations for your specific home monitoring needs, this dome-style outdoor security camera boasts a crystal clear color resolution to help you keep track of goings on around your home. The wide viewing angle offers increased coverage and the durable metal housing is weatherproof for use in all sorts of conditions.

Outdoor security cameras can be installed either hardwired or wirelessly. There are pros and cons to each method. Hardwired outdoor security cameras are generally less expensive and can provide a clearer picture, but they require professional installation, must be located in weather-resistant areas due to their electrical needs, and they can be quite obvious to potential intruders. This may limit your placement options. Wireless outdoor security cameras offer the convenience of being able to mount (and move) almost anywhere, but will require regular battery replacements.

As the reviewer noted, Nest Aware subscription price is stratospherically high, many times more than competitors with multiple cameras. And without the subscription, the camera is just a bit more than a paperweight, limited to just a live feed and alerts with just a single photo (all but useless).

There are two kinds of storage, local and cloud, neither of which had any effect on our scoring because it boils down to personal preference. The cameras with local storage in our review use micro-SD memory cards to save video footage. This lets you access your video without subscription fees, though you might need extra memory cards or to write over older footage if you plan to keep your camera recording at all times.

This dome-style outdoor security camera boasts a 4 megapixel lens and ultra HD resolution to provide the ultimate in home monitoring, even in low light conditions. It is powered by ethernet, and includes a free P2P cloud-based server for easy remote monitoring on your mobile device.

• 960P High Image Quality & Night Vision-See in stunning clarity and sharper details with 1.3 Megapixel (1280 960) cameras. With 24 IR LED night vision up to 65ft. Employing IP 66 weatherproof aluminu…

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This wireless dome-style security camera comes complete with 1.3 megapixels of high definition resolution, 3x optical zoom and is rated as weatherproof for peace of mind with outdoor use. It comes complete with infrared night vision of up to 8 meters so you can see what’s happening around your property at any time of day.

The Arlo Pro’s video quality is just a touch behind Nest’s in broad daylight, and lags a bit further behind in night vision. However, it has an exceptionally reliable connection thanks to the included base station, which plugs directly into your router. The base station also includes an incredibly loud siren, in case you need to scare off an intruder. Other pluses include a phenomenally long-lived battery and a freely adjustable magnetic mount. The Arlo app is perfectly functional, but its method of storing events in a calendar format is less intuitive than Nest Aware’s 24/7 scrollable timeline.

Many home surveillance cameras come with apps that provide smartphone connectivity for remote control and 24-hour livestream footage. Motion detection and personal alerts come straight to your device, helping you to feel secure even when you’re away from home. 

This WiFi-enabled bullet-style security camera boasts 720p resolution and a wide, 60 degree viewing angle to help you keep watch over what matters most. It features durable weatherproof housing, local or cloud-based storage capabilities and smart alerts that allow for viewing via PC, iOS or Android devices.

I tried your #1 pick the Arlo Pro. I didn’t have near the success you discuss. Its night vision was poor. Its motion detector was totally inconsistent. I jumped up and down in front of it and couldn’t set it off. It worked much better indoor, but outdoor it was a total bust. Perhaps I need a professional model with a professional installation.

32 GUUDGO GD-SC03 Snowman 1080P Cloud WIFI IP Camera Pan&Tilt IR-Cut Night Vision Two-way Audio Motion Detection Alarm Camera Monitor Support Amazon-AWS[Amazon Web Services] Cloud Storage Service US$24.99 US$36.88 (760)

The Nest Cam Outdoor is a strong runner-up. It records continuous 1080p video, captures to the cloud 24/7, and can actually distinguish between people and other types of motion. Like the Nest thermostat, the Outdoor Cam is part of the Works With Nest program, which means it can integrate with hundreds of smart-home products. It’s also the only model we tested that has a truly weatherproof cord. However, that cord and the ongoing subscription cost, which runs $100 to $300 per year for the Nest Aware service, is what kept the Nest Cam Outdoor from taking the top spot.

What do you have the motion set as? I prefer maximum blur reduction and no judder reduction under the custom settings, but know some calibrators that like a setting of 1-2 on the judder reduction as well.

Good idea! Will try that too. I suspect they are not a bad company, but have a problem with the camera, a small European staff and are overwhelmed in trying to deal with it. But it would be nice to get a response.

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  1. First of all, this may be logitechs “first foray into wireless security cams”, but its not their first “foray” into security cameras!, I wanted to share what I feel is extremely pertinent information for anyone considering this product, as well as anyone who still has a chance to question what support, if any, you may or may not receive if and when you have issues with a logitech security camera: For those contemplating a logitech security camera of any kind, allow me to enlighten everyone on their history in this market. Personally, when I consider a high end purchase of any product I do not have adequate and thorough knowledge and or experience with, I ALWAYS turn to the company’s history of support for said product. So with that said, I have Extensive knowledge and experience with logitechs previous “foray” into security cams systems ie (logitech alert 750e & 700n or 700i systems) which were high priced in the market, and seemed to work great, until EVERY SINGLE CAMERA they sold for inflated prices to consumers, FAILED. They ALL failed, A 4 cam system boasting 720P playback and recording would run you well over $1000, and suck up ALL your HD space if you allocated the default amount. Then when they FAILED, and they all did, logitech LITERALLY pulled out of the security cam market and left ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS SCREWED OVER for any and all warranty service / support. Its Amazing, yet Pathetic how short of an attention span world wide consumers have, especially Americans. So a FOOL and their money are soon parted apparently rings true once again. How many of these “fools” are going to trust such a company who SCAMMED SO MANY of their customers out of their money and left them ALL scratching their heads over a FAILED security camera system that all sites like these raved about? How soon people forget. logitech currently has a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them for what they did and how they disrespectfully mistreated all their customers regarding these defective cameras/equipment, and instead of owning up to, and taking responsibility for getting caught manufacturing and selling faulty and defective products, and instead of doing the RIGHT thing and reimbursing all their customers with some sort of restitution-“al” effort, theyd rather spend millions of $$ denying any responsibility for STEALING their customers money and Abandoning them, and in some rare cases if the customer REALLY fought for their rights, they offered some worthless scam “warranty”, where as they just sent out all the returned failed cameras to different customers after they cleaned them up and replaced the defective ones with these alternate defective ones. To all the SCAMMED people, what do you think they learned from this? Well Apparently, That the consumer population has no clue and will just keep wasting their money on their defective products manufactured with poor quality standards, and they will hide behind a weak warranty, and the “electronics industry standards” SCAM” created and put into law by these same lobbying company’s so they can lawfully rip everyone off with ZERO Accountability and Responsibility. Ill say it again, “A Fool and their Money are soon Parted”. Best of luck to all who fall back into their money pit, and if I have helped at least one fellow consumer with this factual information and experience/findings, then I am glad to stick my neck out to share one of Many real world experiences with this company’s attitude and history in this specific market.
    With 1080p high-definition live streaming, motion and sound detection, activity zones, IFTTT integration and integration with other Nest products via the related Android and iPhone app, this camera can do a lot.
    23 GUUDGO GD-SC11 960P Mini Cloud WIFI IP Camera IR-Cut Night Vision Two-way Audio Motion Detection Alarm Camera Monitor Support Amazon-AWS[Amazon Web Services] Cloud Storage Service US$19.99 US$25.99 (100)
    Night vision range – Users rely on the surveillance camera for security most of the time during the evening when the property seems more susceptible to trespassers and the like. A night vision range will help in monitoring the focused area even in the dark. Infrared LED’s are responsible for the clarity of images using this feature. An excellent night vision can register quality images about up to 40 feet away from the unit.

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