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Hello Anna, it looks like the same physical characteristics as the foscams I am very familiar with. I don’t really consider 720P, HD, but apparently the industry does-lol. So many at 1080 standard these days, but as long as it meets your needs, that s all that counts. the Sd card backup is good, POE capable good too, just in case your positioning doesn’t agree with WiFi, its good to have that option to run a Cad5 line directly to it. depending on what you decide to use this for, I would definitely mount it somewhere high and in a well thought out spot to cover as much of your chosen area. the pan and tilt is fun, but unless youre monitoring it 24-7, its only useful if youre at the controls, but its still a fun and cool option. This will come down to the Sw client that they give you for the cameras many features and operations, again, you will be the judge of that cuz only you know your OS’s on computer(s)/phones/devices and the compatibility is key. Ask any specific questions and I will do my best to give you the facts.
Given our experience with its hardwired sibling, Logitech’s Circle 2 Wireless is a bit of a disappointment. It includes the same free 24 hours of storage, along with options for more through Circle Safe. It also delivers crystal-clear 1080p images, but live viewing requires a click and a bit of patience; the unit routinely took 26 seconds to connect and show live video, an issue that a few Amazon shoppers have confirmed. Because it’s wireless, this unit records motion in 10-, 30-, and 60-second increments. It also has a reset function to conserve battery life, which often yielded inconsistent results.
2.4G Wireless Home Security 4CH Video System IR Night Vision Outdoor CCTV Camera. (2.4GHz) Wireless Infrared night vision Camera. Image Device:   Vimicro 0702 Vision CMOS. 420 TV Line Horizontal Defin…
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Revo’s 2-Pack Bundle comes with 2 super high Revo’s 2-Pack Bundle comes with 2 super high resolution dome cameras and 2 plug n play BNC conversion kits. The 700TVL dome cameras have 30 IR’s allowing it to see up to 100 ft. in total darkness. High sensitivity low smear excellent anti-blooming and high s/n ratio. The cameras are …  More + Product Details Close
The $250/£300 Netgear Arlo Pro (AU$330, converted) is a rechargeable indoor/outdoor security camera. Like the Netgear Arlo, you get seven days of free clip-based cloud storage. Its rechargeable battery should last for up to six months.
Nearly all of the reviews for the 2016 P series are testing everything except the 55″ variant. In regards to the P55-C1 you can safely ignore the negative feedback on IPS panels (mainly backlight bleed from edge-lit) because FALD w/ 126 dimming zones makes the blacks look black. Even with the room dark, and the picture mode set to Calibrated, they are still black. IPS also offers more color pop and better viewing angles. I own a P55-C1, so I can speak from my own personal experience.
The Nest Cam Outdoor’s 1080p images and sound were impressive in our testing, both during the day and at night. In fact, this camera delivered some of the clearest, most detailed images, with a wide 130-degree field of view and an 8x digital zoom. It should be noted that the camera would occasionally downgrade the picture quality based on available bandwidth, which could fluctuate throughout the day. Nest includes the option to set the bandwidth to low, medium, and high, but that may defeat the purpose of having a 1080p camera.
We’re talking about wireless data transmission, not wireless power. Many of the camera on this page, including the Nest models, have to plug into the wall. That’s the only way they can record continuously — without a power cable, they’d drain their batteries in a day.
The Nest Aware service is what makes this camera stand out—it’s what provides the video history and smarter alerts, for example. However, those features come at a price: Nest Aware comes in three packages: $5 per month for the first camera (or $50 for a year) for five days of video history, $10 per month (or $100 for a year) for 10 days of video history, or $30 per month (or $300 for a year) for 30 days of video history. For each additional camera, the subscription costs about half of the initial fee. If you choose not to add another monthly fee into the mix, you may be disappointed with what the Nest Cam Outdoor can do. It still delivers live video and alerts you when it detects sound or motion, but it stores those alerts for only up to three hours—and just gives a snapshot of the action that triggered them.
If you’re more interested in checking on your kids or spotting packages versus prowlers, the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is also a great pick. It’s the best battery-powered unit we tested and can go for up to six months between charges, so it’s easy to place and move. If you have an AC outlet handy, the camera can also be plugged in. It delivers an excellent image and clear two-way audio, and it allows for practical smart-home integration and seven days of free cloud storage. It also offers an option (for a fee) to add more cloud-based video storage, and you can use a USB drive for additional local storage. Because it’s battery-powered, it can’t record continuous motion, often leaving gaps of a few seconds in between clips. This makes it less desirable for security and kept it from taking one of our top two spots.
Can anyone comment on how much data the Arlo and/or Nest realistically use uploading video? Nest web page indicates each camera could use up to 180GB per month. I need 2 cameras and only have 250GB per month data usage at home. Is the data uploaded dependent upon settings, motion triggers, etc? Do they just continuously upload the video stream the camera is seeing 24/7? How does one manage the data usage for these type systems?
Product – TECBOX 4CH Auto Pair Wireless Security Camera System 720P HDMI NVR, 1TB Hard Drive, 4 x 720P HD Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless IP Cameras,View Remotely Wifi Security Camera
This backup camera system is complete with a This backup camera system is complete with a crystal clear 7 in. digital TFT LCD color monitor with distance grid lines and mirror image capability a 3-channel multiplexer with automatic system switch a 130° Sharp CCD backup camera with 50 ft. infra-red night vision and all the wires connectors and …  More + Product Details Close
How do these compare to wired POE dome cameras such as the Vivotek FD836ba-ehvf2. There are tons of options there but I’d love to hear anyone’s experience using these vs the Wifi main consumer solutions. I realize they don’t have the newer features such as facial recognition but if you can get Cat5 wire to the camera, you don’t need to worry about battery or bandwidth as much (and perhaps cloud storage). I’m more interested to hear from anyone who’s tried both.

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  1. A CNET article I found claims that the first gen HomeKit camera systems will have to be hardwired due to the chipset restrictions. If true, I doubt you’ll be able to get your hands on an Arlo like HomeKit camera before late 2018.
    Get the security that you and your family wants and deserves when you install an outdoor wireless security camera to protect your property. Security cameras can deter loitering, theft, and misconduct. Install a mini wireless outdoor security camera at your home or office to monitor entry points and parking lots without the hassle of installing hard cables. Outdoor wireless security cameras are available on eBay in sets that include up to four wireless cameras and receivers. These cameras can capture images in motion adequately using automatic white balancing and at least 2.4 GHz transmission frequencies. Choose a wireless outdoor night vision security camera to capture images in low ambient conditions for surveillance of hallways, parking decks, and storage areas. On eBay, outdoor wireless cameras feature motion detection, plug-and-play connectivity, DVR compatibility, and remote access to live feeds from anywhere an Internet connection is available. With convenient shipping options, you can purchase a complete wireless security camera set that includes everything you need to have the security that will give you peace of mind to sleep comfortably at night or when away from home.
    The $250/£300 Netgear Arlo Pro (AU$330, converted) is a rechargeable indoor/outdoor security camera. Like the Netgear Arlo, you get seven days of free clip-based cloud storage. Its rechargeable battery should last for up to six months.
    11ac adds features that increases throughput at short distances to the router, not very useful for security cams that are all over the house and behind multiple walls. Why spend money and add complications if 11n is fast enough to stream your video?

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